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Hi! My name is Alex, and in my apprenticeship for electronics a workmate showed me the seti@home-project. Before, I only recognized SETI because of the movie "Independence Day" and the Coca-Cola-Commercials, and I thought, the whole thing was only fiction, but he proved the opposite to me. As the standalone-application SETI@HOME was integrated into BOINC (which was stressing to me in the beginning ), I discovered other interesting projects and participated either. In my free-time I read much about science, technology and research (mostly in Wikipedia and P.M.), so it´s no question to me to participate in BOINC, because it´s free and so I can do something good for mankind. Hi! Mein Name ist Alex, und während meiner Ausbildung zum Industrieelektroniker hat mich ein Ausbildungskollege auf das SETI-Projekt aufmerksam gemacht. Ich kannte das Projekt vorher nur aus dem Film "Independence Day" und aus der Coca-Cola-Werbung, und dac

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Current and former employees as well as any fans of Microsoft. Welcome all!

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New Year 2024 Challenge is Gerasim@Home ! Crunching of Subfield 7 from NumberFields@home
2023-12-29 20:15 ~ 2024-01-05 20:15

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Chris Caldwell Honorary Challenge
2023-12-10 19:00 ~ 2023-12-20 19:00