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Born here in London UK. Refitted and serviced 3Mk 7 and 4Mk 6 British Radar equipment, in UK and Egypt, for Mullard Ltd. Gave up being a medical student after 1 year, and emigrated to Canada. Worked for 'Stackpole Carbon Company' Toronto. Also worked for English Electric Co, setting and testing of UV missile detectors. Worked in USA, at Kane. Pittsburg VA , on Ceramic sintered powders, for UHF. Went to Fort Erie on a Goverment contract to produce shaped Glass Fiber/Resin Radomes for forward looking Radars. I helped test, and design a unique submersible high pressure electrical pump, for Submarines. Returning to the UK, I was made the factory manager for a Glass Fiber producing company called 'Microcell Ltd' at Camberley and London. I passed a Marine Radio Telegraphy Competence Certificate in 1984, and became Radio Ham licensed. Suggesting to RSGB that the latest Call Sign, should be published in the Society's magazine to help eliminate the pirating of Ha

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University of Utah

Anyone affiliated with the University of Utah may join! Well.. for that matter, anyone who wants may join with the University of Utah team!

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The last fight against coronavirus in the outgoing 2021 year
2021-12-24 08:45 ~ 2021-12-31 08:45
Hogmanay Hootenanny 2022
2021-12-31 12:00 ~ 2022-01-07 12:00

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Geminids Shower Challenge
2021-12-07 07:00 ~ 2021-12-17 07:00