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Over the years I've developed into something like a generalist whose real talent lies in spotting the connections between areas of specialization that the specialists miss. I'd guess I'm getting pretty close to another career shift. I'm about ready to take what I've learned and put it to use for the common good. I don't mean to change the world much, just enough to ameliorate some of the difficulties faced by a few of my fellow beings. Rather than take a destructive approach to social change I'm trying to model a quiet sort of revolution. For a working premise try this: Capitalism isn't inherently unworkable but unless its guiding principles are restructured to reflect a more realistic understanding of what constitutes a 'profitable' enterprise, it's going to crash and burn with attendant costs in human misery that don't even bear thinking about. The very rich may have to forgo their caviar for a while. The rest of us - six billion souls and counting, will die by the hundreds of millio

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Wir sind BOINC@Heidelberg, das sympathische Team aus Deutschland für jedermann. Wir sind bei nahezu allen BOINC-Projekten vertreten. Besucht doch unser Portal mit vielen nützlichen Informationen und einem tollen Forum. We are BOINC@Heidelberg, the sympathic team from Germany for everyone. You can find us at almost every BOINC project around. Please visit our website with a lot of useful information and a great forum (also english boards). http://www.boinc-team.de

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Ukrainian Kupala Night challenge
2024-06-21 18:00 ~ 2024-06-24 18:00

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PrimeGrid's 19th Birthday Challenge
2024-06-12 19:00 ~ 2024-06-19 19:00
(Tentative) International Cat Day Challenge
2024-08-08 08:08 ~ 2024-08-13 08:08
Autumnal Equinox Challenge
2024-09-22 12:44 ~ 2024-09-29 12:44
Cascade Day Challenge
2024-10-25 06:12 ~ 2024-10-30 06:12
World Kindness Day Challenge
2024-11-13 07:00 ~ 2024-11-20 07:00
Ada Lovelace's Birthday Challenge
2024-12-10 18:15 ~ 2024-12-20 18:15