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User of the day


Hi there, I distibute my ressources because my computers are mostly just for office use. So the quadcores and gpu cores do not have anything to do at all. So why dont give this unused power to something worth working on. Currently i participate in a BOINC-Race with the Electronic Sports Leagues-DC-Team. So i dont choose my projekts myself. My favorite projekt is the "rosetta@home" projekt. HF nd GL!

Team of the day


TitanesDC TitanesDC, tu equipo de computacion distribuida y BOINC

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Crunching of Subfield 7 from NumberFields@home on GPUs !!!
2024-04-05 23:45 ~ 2024-04-12 23:45

There are no upcoming challenges

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JUICE's Birthday Challenge
2024-04-14 12:14 ~ 2024-04-21 12:14
PrimeGrid's 19th Birthday Challenge
2024-06-12 19:00 ~ 2024-06-19 19:00
(Tentative) International Cat Day Challenge
2024-08-08 08:08 ~ 2024-08-13 08:08
Autumnal Equinox Challenge
2024-09-22 12:44 ~ 2024-09-29 12:44
Cascade Day Challenge
2024-10-25 06:12 ~ 2024-10-30 06:12