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User of the day


Que puedo decir de mi?, que me encanta todo lo relacionado con EL UNIVERSO y sus misterios, los Extraterrestres, etc. Por eso acepté ser una usuaria mas de SETIHOME.

Team of the day

University of Utah

Anyone affiliated with the University of Utah may join! Well.. for that matter, anyone who wants may join with the University of Utah team!

Team challenges

In progress
Upcoming challenges
US Independence Day Rosetta Crunching
2020-06-28 00:00 ~ 2020-07-05 00:00
World Community Grid
OpenPandemics WCG Crunching
2020-07-12 00:00 ~ 2020-07-13 00:00
Gerasim@Home summer challenge
2020-08-17 11:15 ~ 2020-08-24 11:15

Project challenges

In progress
Upcoming challenges

There are no challenges in progress
Summer Olympics Challenge
2020-07-24 20:00 ~ 2020-07-31 20:00
International Bacon Day Challenge
2020-09-03 00:00 ~ 2020-09-06 00:00
2020 World Expo Challenge
2020-10-20 06:00 ~ 2020-10-25 06:00
Magellan 500th Anniversary Challenge
2020-11-18 18:00 ~ 2020-05-28 18:00
Great Conjunction Challenge
2020-12-21 13:22 ~ 2020-12-31 13:22