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[VENETO] Ainalhai

I still haven't found what I'm looking for. But I know one thing! All that you touch. You Change. All that you Change Changes you. The only lasting truth is Change. (Octavia E. Butler) Non ho ancora trovato quello che sto cercando. Ma so una cosa! Tu cambi tutto ci? che tocchi. Tutto ci? che cambi ti cambia. L'unica verit? duratura ? il cambiamento. (Octavia E. Butler)

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BOINCstats provides great user, host, team and country stats for all BOINC projects. Also try BAM!, the BOINC Account Manager. Team members have access to the private SOFA forums on BOINCstats.com, filled with useful information. Stats: boincstats.com Forum: boincstats.com/forum BAM!: bam.boincstats.com

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Ukrainian Kupala Night challenge
2024-06-21 18:00 ~ 2024-06-24 18:00

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PrimeGrid's 19th Birthday Challenge
2024-06-12 19:00 ~ 2024-06-19 19:00
(Tentative) International Cat Day Challenge
2024-08-08 08:08 ~ 2024-08-13 08:08
Autumnal Equinox Challenge
2024-09-22 12:44 ~ 2024-09-29 12:44
Cascade Day Challenge
2024-10-25 06:12 ~ 2024-10-30 06:12
World Kindness Day Challenge
2024-11-13 07:00 ~ 2024-11-20 07:00
Ada Lovelace's Birthday Challenge
2024-12-10 18:15 ~ 2024-12-20 18:15