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Mike Renner
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2015-05-10 08:48:32

I started with Seti@home 18 May 1999...I understand the value of Network Computing!
My curiosity with Seti (We are not Alone!) remains, however I would now like to do some more focused computing...specifically: Cancer research.
Unfortunately, when searching through the Projects...soooooooooo many are toooooooo vague about the actual object of their project (if they state it at all)!
The purpose of Network Computing is to bring in people, with idle computers, to help crunch numbers for their project. With this in mind, your project pages should be
written as "Project ????????? for Dummies"....not to offend anyone (I consider myself fairly adept in searching for projects), but when I cannot determine: #1 - The main objectives of the project, #2 - What possible benefits Mankind can perceive from assisting in this research...etc. -ad nauseum - How does YOUR project possibly effect the human condition.

In short...I am looking for a current, active, on-going project in Cancer research...Any DEFINTE suggestions?
Crystal Pellet
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2015-05-10 09:36:28

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2015-05-10 16:03:34

GPUGrid for your GPU's, WCG for the CPU's. Possibly the protein projects like POEM and Rosetta.
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