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2015-10-13 02:34:45

Looks like the domain has expired got this checking why I have problems uploading results: "This domain name expired on Oct 12 2015 10:16AM" Does someone had the admins e-mail to let them know?
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2015-10-13 03:07:19
last modified: 2015-10-13 03:18:08

Had the same problem earlier today but it has since resolved itself for me. Win7 BOINC 7.6.9 Firefox 41.0.0
First noticed a problem while trying to update stats. Got message in event log: error receiving data from peer.
All of the following would direct me to (ww2 is not a typo) where it said domain name had expired.

(1) Bookmark in Firefox 41.0.0
(2) Firefox browsing history links for multiple pages at the site
(3) Google search for the Enigma project
(4) Status scheduler link on this website

Rebooted change. Tried to reset project via BOINC Mgr....hung on resetting project for 10 minutes or so...gave up.
Detached from project...successful. Tried to re-attach....project unavailable.

All the while had no problems with my Win 8.1 box.

Ran scans from Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, and Panda Global Protection 2016 Antivirus. Thought it may have been a Windows problem. All came back clean.

Half hour later began to experience the same problems on the 8.1 box.

Went to look for a very large hammer and began to brandish it at both machines. This threat of violence seems to have done the trick because they have behaved right ever since. Even re-attached to the Win7 host with no problems. Hopefully with patience (or perhaps the threat of violence) the problem will resolve itself for you. I really cant say what the problem was...perhaps a server glitch at Enigma. Just don't know. But you are not alone.

Dr Who Fan
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2015-10-13 09:48:13

Yes, it appears the domain DID EXPIRE fora short time... but is renewed for another year.

Also the message boards at Enigma have been a SPAM haven for about 6 months now and still is. I have attempted to Private Message and email the admin MANY TIMES with no success to clean up the board.. Seems the project is running on "autopilot" with no one steering the ship.
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2015-10-15 13:45:11

Dr Who Fan wrote:

Seems the project is running on "autopilot" with no one steering the ship.

Sorry, but this is one of the most stable projects running on crapy hardware (personal machine) and TJM is fighting with spam all the time (mostly with spammers accounts, teams etc).
If you really like to catch TJM, he is very often available on #boinc@poland channel at (
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