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2006-05-16 00:54:56


I have not seen official notice of this yet, so I'll post this.

World Community Grid has announced that FightAIDS@Home is now available for BOINC on the Mac, for Apple OSX. The application engine is version 5.09, which is the same version as the Linux and Windows clients.



You have to register for an account on the WCG site. (Previously, one would use the Linux client download to get a BOINC ID.) Then, you connect to the site with the Mac client, and use your account key number (not ID and password). If you have an existing account, you can get your key number in your account information. (Go to your account page, then "My Profile", and the BOINC account key is listed.)

I'm not sure if this is a universal binary (PPC + Intel). I started running FAAH this past Sunday on a G5 PPC. I am running it on a G5 2.3GHz, always running on a single core. (The second core is for F@H.) The estimated time for my first work unit is a little less than 15 hours, and it looks like the estimate will be accurate. By comparison, most work units on my Athlon XP 3200+ take about 8-9 hours. (The Mac has 2Gb of ECC RAM, and the PC has 1GB of ECC RAM, so free memory is not a factor, though the ECC will slow things down a bit.)

As per the post: "At this time, only the FightAIDS@Home project is available to Mac users. In the near future, we will enable all projects to run on Mac."

Since the list of Mac-based projects is significantly shorter than Windows / Linux, I thought this was worth mentioning.
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