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Tuna Ertemalp
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2016-01-26 21:17:39

So, early on, I was able to get an invitation code & sign up, and any of my new machines automatically connect to it, trying to churn whatever might be there. Got a whopping 862 credits so far!

However, I just noticed that pretty much every task I got from them, regardless the host hardware, even though the host has vbox installed (either the .10 or .12 version), has been failing with this for the longest time:

app_version download error: couldn't get input files:
<error_code>-224 (permanent HTTP error)</error_code>
<error_message>permanent HTTP error</error_message>


Seems like the project is stuck not sending the app. They don't have a forum, so can't ask there. Their claims the servers are up with tasks ready to be sent & already out in the wild. But, only 1 user with recent credit. Looking at, it might be Crystal Pellet who is on BOINCstats.

I am confused. Anyone has inside story?


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2016-01-26 22:08:29

Tuna wrote:
I am confused. Anyone has inside story?

Hi Tuna,

The only thing I know is what they say at this LHC@home website. I tried numerous times in the past to find a contact to get more info on the project's status but never heard anything substantive.

I successfully ran B@LHC off and on in its earlier days when there was regular work. The last couple of times I tried (in December and July 2015), I could never get anything to run (see errors here if the link works). The last time I had successful work was back in April 2015. Since the LHC projects are among my favorites, I didn't mind error-free crunching when I could get it, in spite of the lack of communication or exported credit.

Cheers and happy crunching!

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2016-01-27 08:25:33

Hi Tuna,

First: On their Main Page: We are currently in development, come back later !
To be honest: that's there for almost 2½ years.

The file your client tries to download (Vboxwrapper_26167_windows_x86_64.exe) is not available on Beauty's server and
their last application (July 2015) ends after 6 minutes of running in a Power off for the VM. Previous application was running fine.


Vboxwrapper detects that as VM Premature Shutdown resulting in BOINC task erroring out.

Tuna Ertemalp
BAM!ID: 37744
Joined: 2007-10-31
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Credits: 20,799,048,922
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2016-01-27 08:32:27

Thanks! So, it is kaputt...
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