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Volunteer tester
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2016-06-20 10:30:03
last modified: 2016-06-20 10:34:26

Don't know what happened here, but the project obviously has gotten a complete reset - no forum yet available.
All accounts with their credits seem to be lost, except for team leaders (team import was executed I guess).
Willy, stats export seems to be active, so if the new stats from there are imported, I guess the old stats here are overwritten when users are using their same name and data at joining, so if you can, prevent the stats import for a while.
I for myself already made a little mistake that I made a new account there - my credits here are not yet lost but probably will, but it doesn't matter that far since I have not much crunched there.
Cruncher Pete
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2016-10-21 00:37:19

According to this thread: the project is retired. Suggest we do the same...
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