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2016-10-09 10:51:11

I have a question about seti@home.

I am using boinc with seti@home at debian 8.5

The boinc-client is reporting:

4102: 08-Oct-2016 03:47:55 (user notification) [SETI@home] Message from server: Unknown app name setiathome_v7 in app_info.xml

I have installed the seti@home application with boinc 2 days before from original debian sources.

what shall i do ?
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2016-10-09 15:10:00
last modified: 2016-10-09 15:10:39

The sources are not up to date sometimes.
SETI has deprecated the app version 7 recently, it is not used anymore.
Go into the SETI folder of your BOINC directory and delete the app_info.xml.
That will fix it and next time you contact the server it will download the new app.
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