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2020-06-17 18:10:43

Hi, I recently signed-up at Universe@home project. I'm using exactly the same username an email as here in BAM! I accepted the GDPR conditions at the Universe@home website (sharing stats...). Nevertheless, when trying to add the project to BAM! using the "Find account" option, it says "No response from server". I'm trying since yesterday (06/16) and yet no answer. Is it normal?

Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers,

Dan E.
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2020-06-21 01:55:39

Same, can log into project ( but am unable to "sign up" in BoincStats BAM! Last attempt returns "No response from project".

I can manually add the project from the Boinc client, but want the project adding to BAM! stats.

Thanks for any assistance.
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2020-06-21 15:43:06

Yep I reported it as a BAM! Bug 17 days ago but Willy hasn't done anything about it or responded. It probably wont get attended to anytime soon.,1
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