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2022-01-05 06:20:53

On January 1, the project server had a serious physical failure. After trying to restart, it started for several hours, but stopped responding shortly after.
As it turned out, at least one of his hard drives had physically crashed.
As the main server of the project is also the oldest of the machines used in the project, we currently do not have any disk to replace the one that has died, and the other two that are also already old and need to be replaced.
We will be ordering new disks soon, and before the end of January I will go to Warsaw to replace them and restart the project server, unfortunately I can't do it earlier.
All user data and computed tasks are completely safe on a separate machine (the database server is physically different machine), while all computed results are also stored on a another machine.

Krzysztof 'krzyszp' Piszczek
Boinc@Poland team member.
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