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2023-11-19 09:23:50

I keep getting a notice from Milkyway@home about a changed url.

Milkyway@home: Notice from BOINC
This project seems to have changed its URL. When convenient, remove the project, then add
2023/11/19 09:39:37

All my projects are managed by BAM
Is this just me, and how do I fix this? The project still seems to be working tho.

Kind Regards
[BOINCstats] Willy
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2023-11-19 09:56:06

It's a misconfiguration at the project. They recently switched to https but the project config tells your client it is still http. They need to update that.

You can ignore the message, you will get work even if you get this message.

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BAM!ID: 244360
Joined: 2023-03-20
Posts: 2
Credits: 14,922,376
World-rank: 40,256

2023-11-20 05:33:02

Hi Willy,
Thanx for your response. While https might be an issue, the urls of the projects are clearly different. The url on BOINC is while on the notice its Is this still something that they need to update?
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2023-11-23 22:22:27

I think one is the master url, and the other one works as well.
It's the same for e.g. Einstein, which has more than one working address as well. You can use, and
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Greetings, Jens
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2023-11-24 03:27:49

I see David Anderson of BOINC / Science United posted a message on the MILKYWAY project forum asking the project administrator to contact him about the change in URL's.

I would advise Willy to wait a little bit longer (2 weeks???) to see when / if they correct the various project URL's to avoid breaking anything on this website and in BAM and avoiding extra work for him.
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