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2006-12-26 02:58:23

I've looked around, here and the BOINC main site. I can't find anything that actually gives the info on what projects support what platforms.

So, does anyone know of a site/link that shows the info. Maybe with a list of WU size? (Like small, medium, large and HUGE.) Small being less than 80 minutes. Medium being 90 to 180 mins, large being 180 mins to 36 hours and HUGE being something akin to SAP/CPDN/BBC. (Really freaking LONG WUs.)

If not, I guess I'll make one, and post it here.
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2006-12-26 03:13:57

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2006-12-26 08:35:11

Yeah, the table...

I'm running only Windows machines, not skilled on Linux and do not possed any the table covers only Windows.

Hope it helps you, miketoth1001.
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2006-12-26 09:32:43

There is a overview of the different projects and there supported platforms in the boinc wiki :

Please look also at the BOINC third party site (
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