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2008-03-07 14:01:36
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At least I am not making a new account every time again just to be an arsehole.

The Predictator dlb doesn't need to make a new account every time again for his evil deeds, he's the boss there.
And a project with such a jerk (or how do you call him, jord? arsehole? I could live with that as well ) as representant is absolutely unworthy to get any crunchtime.

It may be that he is capable of doing useful stuff for the project offline, if so, he should stick to that. He definitely is as good as the face of P@H as Kim Young Il is as a face for North Korea.

I don't think that it would be enough for me personally to go back there if he would say a sincerely sorry to those he did wrong during his W***-debacle. a vanish from sight would be the minimum.
Grüße vom Sänger
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