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2007-06-01 19:57:23

SAP has reisued a new extension of the project. There are 10000 WUs avaiable in the moment. From the frontpage news :

30 May, 2007
In the past few months we've been doing analysis of the results from the project. In light of this analysis we've decided to extend the project even further! This will again be a small extension, similar to the extension in January 2007, and will help us to study some of the more interesting issues that have emerged from this project, and have more confident final conclusions. It also means anyone waiting for new simulations to crunch will now have something to work on! Watch this space for more details to follow very soon.
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2007-06-02 06:18:39

thx for the update! I guess I dont need to have every comp attached anymore in the hope of getting those few random WUs
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