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Mark Reiss
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2007-06-21 18:28:55

Hi all: Does anybody have amy idea of what is happening at Renderfarm@home?

Mark reiss
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2007-06-22 03:06:01

Project could be considered "retired"; for lack of time, motivation, and hosting.

2007-06-22 13:51:01

Thank you PovAddict for the chance to crunch for the project.
Volunteer tester
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2007-06-22 14:28:11

Many thanx from me, too.
It was much fun there and an honor to crunch for it.
I still hope there will be some time when RenderFarm rises like Phoenix from the ashes.
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2007-06-22 16:33:49

*Sniff* I'm missing the Farm as well!

Yes, it was a nice time with you all! I'm hoping to see the project back sometime as well...
And thank you for the most beautiful WUs, PovAddict!

Greetings from Cori
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2007-06-23 17:20:10

waa hoo! I guess this meens noone will be passing me up!
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