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2005-01-29 23:05:07

My Predictor CPID is different from all other projects and refuses to change. There is one computer attached to SETI (correct CPID) and Predictor, but it isn't updating the predictor one.

I recently joined einstein, and as the cpid was updated as soon as it made its first update when attached to a computer already running SETI.

my username is "cheesebyproduct"
[BOINCstats] Willy
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2005-01-29 23:40:07

This is not a bug of BOINCstats. It's a problem of Predictor. If the CPID in the XML doesn't change, there is nothing I can do about it.
John McLeod VII
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2005-01-30 03:24:53

You have to actually download work if work is requested in order for the CPID to update. You may be able to update the CPID on the predictor project by updating by hand.

2005-01-30 04:43:22

Sorry Willy, my fault, didn't mean to suggest it was a bug with your site. I was just wondering if you knew why predictor wasn't updating the cpid in the exported stats.

I have a machine attached to predictor and seti right now, has been this way for a week now, and the cpid hasn't updated yet (computer has downloaded/computed/uploaded/reported work for both projects since it began crunching).

What do you mean update the CPID by hand?
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