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2005-01-30 22:21:48

when I search for my stats, I see in the overall stats that there is
a / einstein behind my name. I checked the forum but did not
see if this is announced.

I had subscribed to einstein with another email address but I have
changed it immediately after I joined.

I can imagine that this has something to do with the different email

Einstein is not seperately listed in the search results, so it might have
to do with that too...

Furthermore the overall boincstats show me as resident of International.
This used to be Netherlands..... while all other projects show it correct.
[BOINCstats] Willy
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2005-01-31 05:53:18

As this is not a BOINCstats bug I moved the topic to the Einstein forum.

The 'einstein' account is matched up with the BartS accounts because the CPID's match. Below is an extract from the Einstein XML file:










As you can see, the name is einstein, and the country is None. None is converted by BOINCstats to International. The country for the combined stats is given by the last project processed. Einstein is last in line.

I suggest you go to the Einstein main site and change your account info.

2005-01-31 07:28:09

Thanks Willy,

I overlooked the name.... changed it.

The country was set to Netherlands already, it might be an
exporting prob in einstein. I will just keep an eye on it but
it is not such a big deal for me as I travel international a lot.

2005-02-01 07:40:09

Hi Willy,

Just let you know that everything is back to normal and
now also the einstein points are in the overview when
I search for my name.
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