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2007-11-11 20:07:29

From the Cosmology Admin....

We had a sudden unforeseen hardware failure Friday night - we have been working to get the server back up and running. Since it is the week-end it is harder to get replacement parts, so the system may continue to be down for of a couple of days before things will be back on track.

It would be great if you could get a message to our users about this - we were trying to think of a way, but I could not even post on my webpage because it is running on the same server that is hosting cosmology@home.

All the best,

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2007-11-13 11:44:17

Maybe it would be nice to set up a temporary web-server just to show this text.

I got the feeling that my crunching work was all for nothing......

Hope they fix it soon
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2007-11-13 20:14:45

Hot from the presses:

The downtime is due to a sudden motherboard failure. We purchased a replacement server and were hoping to be operational last night. There has been an additional delay due to driver problems during the OS installation on the new server. Scott has been working to resolve this full time. We hope to be up and running later today.

At this point we do not seem to have had any data loss, since we used a redundant filesystem, in addition to daily backups. Once our old server is fixed, it will be added as secondary server. Then we'll have a fully redundant system, which should continue to work even if we have a similar hardware failure as the one which caused this downtime.

This has been our first extended downtime since the beginning of the project and we intend to make it our last.

Thank you for your patience and continued support -

Ben Wandelt

2007-11-13 20:34:35

A temp website is up with news:
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