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2008-01-27 20:06:50

Following on from the 'shout' about credit, why do you crunch the projects that you do?

I know Willy ran a poll on this a while ago, but polls tend to attract the answers that the responders think the pollster wants (Sorry Willy!)

From my POV, I crunch projects that ... In no particular order ...

1) Have short WUs - I'm impatient, I like to see stuff getting completed

2) Are interesting - I like maths and physical sciences

3) Are reliable - Fairly regular work that doesn't crash and the results are all used rather than discarded

4) Are 'worthy' - TBH, I do like to crunch fun stuff and leave the worthy stuff to the other guys

5) Are FUN!

So, what do *I* crunch these days? ...

SIMAP - Not so sure these days though. Do we need to know the DNA in pond sludge?

PrimeGrid - I like maths. Would do RS too, but can't get any WUs ATM

LHC - As a physicist at heart, this has to be a favourite!

Milkyway - Physics and astronomy. Neat!

What *don't* I crunch, and why? Maybe that's another thread someday

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2008-01-28 07:15:09

I'm also interested in mathematics, so that's why I crunch RCN right now. Also because I think it's quite close to its final goal, so I wanna be there when it's reached. When I get bored there or the project is finished I'll pick up RS, ABC and PrimeGrid again. ABC will get a high resource share because it's the most interesting and important conjecture.

What I don't crunch (anymore)? Predictor, and I think we all know why...
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2008-02-07 14:47:31

I prefer astronomy and physics projects, as well as climate projects.
So, these days I crunch Milkyway and Cosmology, and LHC when there is any work. Also, I'm struggling with a 160years climatemodel on my laptop (soon at 50%!!!).
Furthermore, I crunch some biology projects from time to time, SIMAP especially.
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2008-03-10 06:52:40

I'm a transhumanist, so most of my crunching is done in that direction.

Namely, bioinformatics, disease curing, that one AI project, and most of the nanomaterial science projects
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2008-03-12 23:45:11

I tend to gravitate to the bio-science projects. I have one math project (Sztaki), and two physics projects (LHC and Einstein). I run SETI because that's how I started with distributed computing.

I run Malaria because my mom's stepfather contracted malaria in the service. I run WCG because of the HIV and cancer studies (lost friends to both). WCG gets a double time-slice, while the non-bio projects get half a time slice. (LHC actually gets four time-slices, since work is erratic.)

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2008-03-13 02:56:51

1. Credits are good

2. Short work units

3. Moderators and admins aren't jerks
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2008-03-13 05:39:35

1) Project has worthy science and is non-commercial

2) Projects has decent management

3) Project has Credits within some decent range. No excessive inflation and not too less compared to science worth.

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2008-03-13 06:53:56

1) Worthy goals/science.

2) Screensaver.

3) Comparable credits.

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2008-04-22 04:51:54

1) Get noticed by all the hot chicks! (The more projects the better)

2) Have a cooler screen saver than the zombies I work with.

3) Have forums to read while I'm at work so I don't have to really do anything.

4) The more projects I join, the more pretty colors go into the pie chart on BS, so when the boss walks in, all he sees is a screen of numbers and some pretty pie charts and thinks I'm doing some complicated mojo with the database.

5) Keep my mind occupied with something that gives me the illusion that my life has some value and that I might be different from the zombies that I work with.

6) Who is John Galt?
Jeff Coleman
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2008-06-10 15:04:12

Just saw this thread whilst waiting to see if all my preferences will update.

Well... I've joined a morass of projects, because:

1) Any project, including the alphas and betas, can be useful... Even if just to say that the project as built won't work for what you want.

2) Any science is good science. I firmly believe in the advancement of all fields of study... Although my 'addiction' all started with the hopes of finding little green men in the stars.

3) Like Pletsch down there, I'm addicted to colors. Different reasons, though. And like Chertsey, I love numbers and math. So I guess I'm a flock animal? Heh heh.

4) It's nice to be able to have my computer do something with its idle time while I'm waiting to do a show, or waiting for the game servers to come back up, or surfing my e-mail or for po... Oh... Kiddie-friendly, right.

5) And I think this is the overall 'big one': I like to feel like I'm part of the 'worldwide solution', rather than part of the problem. Sure, I might not see rapid results in reality... Heck, might not see them in my lifetime... But if I can help and be one of the millions working and pushing for that cure, or for that key to unlock the secrets of energy, or the stars, or whatever it is... For the benefit of humankind... I feel like I'll have left a permanent and important mark on the world. It might sound cliche, but it's the truth of the matter.

6) And running mildly counter to that last point... A little friendly credit or recognition competition (are you listening, Chertsey? You UOTD hog! ) never hurt anyone... It's all in good fun!

So... Yeah... That'sy story, and I'm sticking to it!
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2008-07-15 03:38:18

I'm more into my sciences. I crunch for the more serious projects rather than the fun ones. I'm into the physics (Studied some level at Uni) especially the molecular and nano-tech stuff, I find it facinating. (LHC, NanoHive, etc)

I'd also like to feel I'm doing my part for several of the disease study projects, cancer, HIV stuff as I too have had family and friends effected by these. (Rosetta, WCG, etc)

and of course astronomy is a particular favourite interest too so SETI, Milkyway, Einstein & others get my CPU time too! Maybe one day we'll find these strange travellers who leave enigmatic messages in crops and also ask the question - with all their advanced knowledge and technology, couldn't they have just left a simple post-it note on the fridge instead???

Preferences for crunching projects also include medium/small WU's.
My Uni work can be processor heavy with large video file editting so I had to abandon BBC Climate as work units would end up delayed past deadlines (having to close Boinc periodically to do Uni projects)

So, that's my reasons for crunching anyway...
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