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2009-01-25 18:08:48
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Dagnabbit, I finally figured out what you were saying about the blank. I have looked and looked but kept missing it. I hope this works now. Thanks Gundolf!

off topic @sorceress: you have to remove the blank from your signature and correct the userID:

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2009-01-25 19:47:49

mo.v: Thank you for the CPDN references. I will do some more reading on CPDN's science. When assessing a project, I try to examine the type of science the project is pursuing, what the project's goals are, and who is running the project (i.e., whether it is an academic or corporate project, whether the results are published, and whether the results are freely available for the science community at large).

As to credits, I find them useful for assessing individual computer's performance. I have had a couple of occasions where a drop in a unit's performance has red-flagged a developing problem. Beyond that, 100,000 credits and $5 can get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

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2009-01-27 00:41:23
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We try to keep CPDN members up-to-date with what's going on in the News & Announcements thread at the top of the forum Number Crunching section. We delete or edit old announcements that are no longer valid or useful, so that thread has become a practical reference collection for anyone who crunches CPDN.
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