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2009-03-01 04:33:51

BOINC is confusing me. I support two projects. I have them set in BOINC prefs for 5% on one project, 95% on another. Yet the 5% project is hogging the load. The WU say Running, High Priority. I don't give a rip about what the project or BOINC thinks about priority. How is it possible to setup BOINC for what I want, rather than what it wants? I'd like to support both projects but if this continues the 5% project is going in the trash.

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2009-03-01 06:53:31

The client maintains resource shares on a longer period than you may be expecting. Once a project has run at high priority for a time the client is unlikely to get more work from that project until it has done more work for the other project. When the client has work from a low resource share project it will often run those tasks at high priority so that they will be completed on time.

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2009-03-01 09:41:28
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And obviously, BOINC is doing a rather good job:

Obviously the Einstein task is in deadline trouble. If it would not run in Earliest Deadline First (EDF or high priority) mode, you wouldn't get any credits for it.

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