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2005-06-23 18:23:03

hi there, thanks for the great stats pages, very impressive...

however the predictor stats dont seem to be updating, the project server itself is back ip and running after an out a couple of days ago but the stats on this site dont seem to have noticed :0


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2005-06-23 20:08:49

Have you read the F.A.Q. [url=' target='_blank]here[/url]?

Please do.

Also take a look at the XML files on the Predictor site [url=' target='_blank]here[/url].

What ain't there can't be updated.
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2005-06-23 20:38:13

ok sorry about wasting your time,

i assumed that because the predictor site was back up and running that your stats would also return, but i see know that you rely on a stats page that hasnt been updated by predictor server...

i will go and waste someone elses time over at predictor site now...

once again i really appreciate the greta stats and also the prompt and helpful response to my query


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