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2005-07-25 15:15:23
last modified: 2005-08-12 23:18:18

I have just found out how to restart the uploading of work units from the Seti program
And the fix is simple posted this on the [url=' target='_blank][/url] site
There has been(and still are) a lot of people without work units on the SETI (BOINC Manager) program due to a recent major power outage including me  
I have found out how to get things moving again
Click on the Projects on the work unit info banner
This opens the buttons on the left I was pressing the Update button with no Joy for days  
Move down the list and press the NO new work button instead this restarts the program. Uploads and Downloads will restart in a few minutes
Was this due to a Mistake in labelling the link?  

Easiest fix would be to relabel the "No new work" button to say "Press for more work " on the next update or version please and get everybody underway again
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