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2005-07-27 20:45:46

I have just managed to restart my account after the recent outage (fix posted in earlier posting)
I have a question for the Admin of the Seti@Home site
I'd like to increase my workunits in reserve .In case of the Server going down or refusing to accept my uploads (as at present) :? Yet the messages from the server indicate my quota for the day was 2 units! :? This has not changed in a few weeks Somedays I get nothing at all !<!--emo&--> )

27/07/2005 21:45:20|SETI@home|Requesting 0 seconds of work, returning 0 results
Could this be a firewall issue on the Server? My Firewall has the site open to up & download data. And there no issues on spyware virus scans
Once the others have started to get their work units running again, those red letter messages are going to push me back to next year for waiting on a transfer of a handful of work units :!:

2005-07-27 22:12:24
last modified: 2005-08-12 23:38:59

Have managed to increase the Cache for reserve units in my preferences
Default is set @ .1 of a day! Have increased to 3 days(max is 10 days) takes about 5 MB of webspace Have got 7 new work units in reserve
I'm ascending the league list like mad, passing lots of people whom haven't got their accounts moving again there is only a few of us with green arrows on our profiles The rest are going down at approx 700 places per day
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2005-08-14 00:52:02

A low quota is caused by a host either erroring, or returning work late. There were some problems with ghost WUs that caused innocent hosts some trouble with very low quotas. However, if the problem of a very low quota persists, I would do a thorough check of the machine.
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