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Mark Reiss
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2010-06-21 13:16:33

This project is down almost more than it is up - If I was paying their access bill I would get a new company!
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Slicker @ SETI.USA
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2010-06-21 15:39:28

If I was paying their access bill I would get a new company!

You are more than welcome to pay the access bill! Unfortunately, that wouldn't have helped this weekend. 550,000 people were without power in the Chicago area this weekend. Stops lights, cable, and internet access are all still down in many areas. A backup generator doesn't help much when the entire grid is down. More storms are expected this afternoon.

FYI, I am evaluating another access provider -- if we can come to terms. They advertise "unlimited data" and then impose limits in their end user agreement which isn't available until after you have paid for the first month's access. I argue that is false advertising and that it says nothing about that when you first sign up for their unlimited plan which is more expensive than their limited plan. We'll see how it goes. If I can't get a waiver in writing, I'll have to go elsewhere and continue to limp along with the current provider (the one who recently changed their name hoping that doing so would make people think their service has improved and so they could increase rates even more).

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2010-06-22 01:28:10

Thanks for the update Slicker - I thought that it had been a long time for you to be down on the site! We have our own problems here in Florida - did not see that you were having outages until you posted....

Good luck!
[BOINCstats] Willy
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2010-06-22 04:49:47

@Slicker: do you rent a virtual/real server or co-locate your server at their data center?
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Purple Rabbit
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2010-06-23 21:14:47
last modified: 2010-06-23 21:16:11

@Willy: I'm not Slicker, but I read the Collatz forum a lot. He has said that his setup is in his home using Comcast Cable. He's currently experimenting with a wireless ISP at his home. Data center solutions appear to be beyond his current budget for "just a hobby". He's been looking for better solutions within his price range.
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2010-06-25 23:34:25

Not sure if Slicker is having issues with hist test ISP, but when trying to go to his domain, myself and another member of Situradastra. are being re-directed to https : slash slash 4gmobile DOT clear DOT com

Boinc manager also can not connect...
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2011-05-10 21:43:20

Hello, Collatz has been offline (not even the home page) for the past 8 or 9 hours. That project has been VERY solid over the past year, typically with very short outages (less than 15 minutes), and the rare 1 to 3 hour outage.

I would suspect either an ISP problem or some severe hardware problem -- but with the home page being offline, there is no news available there.

I was hoping that someone here might have some information...
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2011-05-11 01:13:55

OK -- Collatz is back up and running. There was a power outage that started just after Slicker went to work. It outlasted his UPS and shut things down until he got back after work to restart things.
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2011-05-26 18:18:13

Collatz went offline about 10 hours ago (2AM PDT). Perhaps another power outage problem. Home page can't be accessed.
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2011-06-19 15:52:45

Any word on Collatz downtime, again...
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