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2011-09-11 02:28:18

Hi all -

I have been crunching for a little over a month now, and doing fine. Only projects so far are Rosetta and Simap.
Not interested in giving away cycles for silly stuff, want 100% science / R+D.

A few of my available servers are stuffed with RAM, one has over 100GB of main memory. The projects I am running are hammering the CPU but the memory utilization is still very, very low.
Are there any worthwhile projects out there that offer good points, serve real science, and need some serious memory on their compute nodes?

Thanks for any help.
BTW, one month in, and ready to break the top 100k point total within the next 12 hours 8 hours. Im such a geek!

- Mark
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2011-09-11 08:08:54

BURP: not scientific, at leat 8-12GB/wu
Neurona: 3-6 GB/wu, 64bit os not scientific, some blender jobs require a lot of memory
Superlink :at least 1GB
The Lattice Project: some wu need more than 4GB/wu
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2011-09-11 17:38:42

RNA World, cmsearch may use near 12GB on some tasks
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2011-09-11 20:19:32

The project WUprop@Home gives all kind of characteristics of WU's from almost any project, including non-BOINC.
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2011-09-15 18:40:54

Neurona@Home will give you want you want. It's the first DC project I know that deals with science about the brain/mind. Their WUs usually require 3 to 6 GB RAM, and this will only increase in the future as more work comes in. The Project is invite only due to this requirement but you can send a mail to the project head and he'll send you an invite code pretty fast - or use this code Neurona@1456346

Hope you enjoy it
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