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2012-04-06 19:17:30

Virtual Campus Supercomputing Center

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Thanks for your interest into the Biochemical Library (BCL) project.

Unfortunately we have to disable the Boinc server for BCL for now. We do currently not have sufficient resources that would allow us to maintain and further improve the Boinc server. We plan to reactivate the Boinc server as soon as we can continuously manage it.

We will announce new plans and updates on the Meilerlab website.

Prof. Jens Meiler & The Meiler Lab
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2012-04-09 12:58:50

Another one bites the dust.
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2012-04-09 22:36:20

BCL should be retired in BAM for the time being.
[BOINCstats] Willy
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2012-04-10 05:05:36

I retired the project
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