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bones cruncher
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2012-12-11 02:01:49

Does anyone know if this project is soon to become retired? They have been down for days.
Gundolf Jahn
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2012-12-11 07:44:39

From "News on Project Outages" at the BOINC/dev forum (Posted: 10 Dec 2012 | 17:51:30 UTC):

Thyme Lawn wrote:
climateapps2 at Oxford has been down since some time Saturday so Climate prediction dot net not available.

I've just received the following update from Jonathan:

On Saturday there was a power outage in Oxford, that took out OeRC's machine room.

Currently CPDN is completely offline. ClimateApps2, the database, and the webserver are all down.

Lots of things in the machine room did not come back on properly, and so I took this opportunity to work on some of the infrastructure here.
I am in the process of moving our critical servers to a cabinet that is protected by a UPS, and routing the networking through proper switches rather than the current series of daisy-chained 8 port hubs.

I should have it up again tomorrow.


2012-12-11 13:44:00

Thanks for the update Gundolf, I hope the upgrades go well for them

@bones I seem to remember the supply of work units was always erratic, I think this is related to the size of them. Set your work limit to 10 days and you'll get as much as possible when they do become available. After getting my account sorted (Thanks Thyme) I was without for a while but now have two to crunch away on.
BOINCstats SOFA member
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2013-09-18 11:48:40

Just to say, it looks like they are beginning to get on top of the issuing of credits problem. The credit scripts were broken and keeping the main project running was always higher priority with their limited resources. It'll take a day or two to filter through to all stat sites. Some folks get a bit over-heated over credits and it's worth pointing out that cpdn credits are never lost, when everything is fixed there will be a big credit catch-up.

I think I'll add another core to cpdn now the project is running more smoothly and it's definitely valuable science.
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