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2013-12-26 22:09:24

Travis has taken a few suggestions and decided to make communication and administration of the multiple projects he is involved with by putting them possibly under one roof or possibly moving the forums to one location. He has posted at two of the sites as of this moment, but he is asking the community for helpful suggestions. I have suggested that he also make the announcement at Wildlife since it would affect them as well.
Hi Everyone,

Just a brief status update. For this project I'm still looking for a student to take over to maintain the project (and update the applications).

I'm also looking for suggestions as to how to combine the three projects on this server (Wildlife@Home, SubsetSum@Home and DNA@Home) into a single project so I can provide feedback and perform updates easier. At the very least I'd like to combine the forums.

I'm hoping over winter break I'll have time to get this done, which should make monitoring all the forums and providing feedback much easier. I'm open to suggestions about a good way to do this. Right now I'm thinking about making a new project and moving all the accounts over to that new project.

Hi Everyone,

Here's an update to the status of DNA@Home.

Currently, I have a student who has been working on getting files in the appropriate format for the application here. I think we're pretty close to getting work units sent back out. As opposed to what we were doing before, the new data files are from the human genome, and we'll be looking for protein binding sites that could potentially be related to different cancer causing genes -- I will get more information from this from our biologists here.

I also want to merge DNA@Home, Wildlife@Home and SubsetSum@Home so I can more easily provide feedback. I'm open to suggestions on how to do this. Right now I'm thinking about moving all the accounts into a new project and then have a combined forum for all three. If anyone has any good suggestions for an easy way to merge the three, I'd appreciate it.

Will have more updates, and hopefully more work units soon.

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2013-12-27 09:14:12

Makes sense, especially if all the projects are at the same institution. They could turn the existing projects into subprojects; it could help them get more crunchers overall, and give more exposure to those other projects.
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2014-08-07 18:30:42

DNA@home has a batch of new tasks available, but I was wondering....... is the project exporting stats yet?
None of the validated tasks I've completed today have been added to my BoincStats score.
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2014-09-06 08:04:35

Since à few days, I have join CSG which merge 3 old projects Wildlife@Home, SubsetSum@Home and DNA@Home.
But, for the moment, this new project (CSG) don't appear in and my new tasks appear on Wildlife@Home but I only use tasks for DNA@homr !?
When this CSG project will appear on boincstats ?
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