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2014-03-09 14:28:57

if you look in the client_state.xml you will see the upload server seems to be down so you can't upload

by changing the above url with the following in the client_state.xml

I could upload all of the tasks and report them..

don't know if it was the right thing to do but I got rid of all the tasks stuck in upload status...
so is this a case of the admin using the wrong url for the upload or was this a case of
intent on the part of someone, to keep everybody, but certain host from uploading?
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2014-03-30 15:23:04

i'm getting an error message from at least one of my BOINC clients that says it's using the wrong URL - that it should be

There's no new tasks available, but it's still talking to the scheduler on the project.

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