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2014-08-12 04:36:00

Has anyone been able to successfully complete GPUgrid work units using a Linux host? I'm using a host running Ubuntu 14.04 with a NVIDIA GTX480 GPU. All the WUs end with computation errors. Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.
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2014-08-12 10:44:21
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I have limited experience running GPUGrid on a linux host, but I know that problems are often driver related. Have you properly installed the recommended NVIDIA driver? I'm pretty sure it's not as easy as using whatever is available through/with the Ubuntu distribution. There's a wealth of information in the GPUGrid forum and I would recommend checking the FAQ, such as, Install NVIDIA drivers on Linux 64 bit (generic) and Why does my run fail? Some answers. I would also post specific questions there so people can more easily see what's happening to the tasks of yours that are failing. Good luck!
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