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2015-05-20 08:01:07
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2015-05-20 11:25:18

We have the beta test server running. If people are willing to help test stuff (without receiving credit - Sam is working on the new credit model) connect to

It has 17 filter bands (GALEX, Pan-STARRS, SDSS, WISE, Herschel, Spizter) and new wrappers and new Android. I need to make sure the amount of disk I allow is enough for the new models.

Unfortunately the server will be shutdown once the testing is complete; so you won't get any credits for helping (sorry), but you will get my thanks.

The link doesn't bring up the page for me at the moment. Probably wasn't worth posting here as the testing is already done.
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2015-05-20 21:59:35

*SIGH* That was from LAST month. The testing has been over at least half a month. If you check the link you'll find nothing. They very quietly ended the testing and shut down the servers...

There actually was some credit thrown in, but it wasn't expected and was part of the testing and it's gone now.
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