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2010-05-10 12:59:36 a new chemical project assessing the hazard and risk for chemicals belonging to four compound classes.It's part of EU's cadaster project
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2010-05-10 15:04:46

Have you read Willy's sticky thread here:
If you've found a new project and want BOINCstats to support it, please be careful when posting the URL of the project in the forum. Some projects don't want the URL's to be publicly available before the public launch of the project.

Please ask the permission of the project admins first before posting the URL on BOINCstats. When the URL must remain a 'secret', but BOINCstats may support the project then send me an email at with the URL and mention the 'secret' status of the URL. I will then not reveal the URL until the project goes public, but I will make stats for the project.

As there is no forum yet, where have you asked?
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2010-05-13 03:03:21

I PM'd user #1, with no response.
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