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2015-06-02 21:56:25

Quake-Catcher Network Project status -- effectively closed BOINC project
Carl Christensen wrote:
Hi, please note that the Quake-Catcher Network project is effectively closed as far as new BOINC members, new credits etc. There is nobody left on the project, funding is running out next month, and it will be moved to CalTech who will hopefully/possibly resurrect it at some point. You can remain connected to the project if you have a supported sensor - but bear in mind there may be no or irregular credit updates, server problems etc.
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2020-01-06 00:35:10
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Willy, perhaps it is time to retire this project. Most people lost credits in September 2017 when they started "developing" and never got restored as they promised.
The admin hasn't posted since August of 2019. They haven't awarded credit since April of 2018. Work units continue to be sent out but there doesn't appear to be any support and we are contributed for no credits.

There are actually 7 million less points at the project now then there was when they "lost" our points in 2017...
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