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2016-06-22 11:25:38

Dear contributor,

It's been a while since we announced that will be back after a short period of maintenance and upgrading, and you are probably wondering why you are still not receiving new workunits.

By now, it looks like will not be sending out workunits any time soon. The reason for this is that, unlike when we started out more than ten years ago, volunteer computing is currently not the most efficient and cost-effective approach for providing the computing resources necessary for the simulation studies. Developments in high-performance computing and institutional arrangements have made computing infrastructure accessible to the malaria modeling project which was simply not available ten years ago. Also, the staffing profile of the project has changed over time, and maintenance and further development of the volunteer computing platform are more challenging these days than before. Therefore, at the moment we cannot justify the significant investment required to upgrade the components of the BOINC server for the next phase of the project.

This is a good moment to look back on more than 10 years of running, and the achievements you contributed to. We believe that the project has substantially improved knowledge of malaria and malaria control. The scientific articles which are listed on the BOINC wiki give an overview of the achievements. In addition, some of the simulation experiments we ran on have formed the basis of technical reports and software tools which helped inform important policy decisions.

We will keep the server running for now. It may be that sometime in the future, we will have applications that will make this again the best way for running simulations, so please keep your BOINC client connected to

Thank you very much for your generous support over the last 10 years!

On behalf of the malaria modeling team,


Although they state that the service might be revived in the future it does not sound that it might happen soon.
MB Atlanos
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2016-06-30 20:52:22

I dont agree, its to soon to retire this project. Give it some months, as long the stats update.
Dirk Broer
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2016-08-05 21:40:32

Last new credits were from November 2015
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