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2017-06-15 07:28:07

BU servers were switched off yesterday (14th) and website is unreachable.
Project may get revived at some point, but there's no guarantee.....
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2017-07-27 19:12:55

Good riddance?
I mean, it was never really what BOINC was intended for.
And with the almost requirement of having an ASIC unit to participate, it would be better if it was a standalone project.
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2017-07-31 04:34:30

Although I didn't agree with their credit algorithm, since it's supposed to be a measure of multipurpose computing (wheres FPGA and ASIC devices are more limited), it did provide some financial benefits to BOINC projects and related websites--including this one. I don't wish the project any ill-will, and did contribute some GPU work, I would have preferred they issued their credit in a different manner.
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