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[BOINCstats] Willy
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2007-06-28 18:12:47

Many of you have a different current CPID than the CPID in a retired project. Very annoying! But salvation is near !

BAM! will (soon) allow you to change the CPID in retired projects so the combined stats will line up again, you no longer have a split CPID, and all your credit is in one account.

While working on this I was wondering what else we could do with retired projects. Two things I thought of was changing the username and team membership.

If anybody has more ideas about this, let me know.
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2007-06-28 18:18:56

Still allow users to click on the project image to go to the project's page? However, with projects like renderfarm, I can see this being a problem...
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2007-07-01 04:56:43
last modified: 2007-07-01 04:57:18

I manually edited Renderfarm's user.gz to show the correct CPID for a user who specifically asked me that. However, BOINCStats doesn't update the stats for retired projects, so it seems that won't work...
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