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2014-02-12 22:01:46

This was taken from their forums:

I have to pause the project at the moment for few reasons.

I'm quite busy now on my work, can't find enough time to work with project application to solve stability problems... Also, I found that with current way of how project work, we can search whole Internet in few hours which is great result but also this give back tons of results - proper way to clear this data is hard task for current server and I need to find way to sort this out as well.

I will inform you as soon as I solve this but that can takes months with current quantity of time I can spend on project...

I propose at least a temporary retirement until life returns.
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2014-02-15 08:32:06

Retired the project.
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2014-07-17 19:46:50

Plagiarism@home is not retried, in future plans new application
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