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2014-07-01 19:20:15

Can't this project be moved to the 'retired' list?
I realise the servers may be 'up', but there's been no news for over 6 months and no workunits for even longer than that....
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2014-07-04 03:12:24

Since you are well aware that Travis is planning on merging the three projects, you would have also noticed that on the front page of DNA that in May he stated that he still is intending on getting them merged. Last response I got from him via PM over at Wildlife, he just didn't have a student interested/available in running it at the moment. DNA has someone trying to get work available. However, the information about Subsetsum was back in December right before he posted in the forums. He was also still tossing the ideas about how to go about it. Last he told me, he was leaning towards just merging the forums so that it would be easy to get updates. However, I have not heard anything for quite a while...
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2014-07-05 07:38:46

Retired the project
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