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2014-11-02 13:21:20

SIMAP will leave BOINC by end of 2014
SIMAP is currently moving towards new algorithms for similarity calculations and scoring. After extensive tests and evaluations during the last months it turned out that the best way to continue SIMAP will be to use dedicated local hardware in our institute. SIMAP will therefore use BOINC only to maintain the current SIMAP database until the end of 2014. BOINC clients for the new SIMAP database will not be released and there will be no workunits for SIMAP after 2014. After 10 very successful years of SIMAP within BOINC this decision was not an easy one for us. However, we thank all users for their support in the past and in the upcoming last period until the end of the year.


Posted on 30 May 2014, 8:51:14 UTC
I know that is too early to post this, and SIMAP isn't retired yet, but i want to get you ready for that, it's a really important change on the BOINC's project list because SIMAP has been an old and important project since now
What do you think about that? Coment on this thread

P.S. Willy remember to retire the project when needed

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2014-11-02 19:34:48

I totally didn't see this coming. I crunch for SIMAP for some years now and the project had always work to crunch. It's sad to hear they're throwing the towel
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2014-11-02 19:50:07

I will miss the monthly scrambles for SIMAP work.
Been the most stable, well-run project that can run on anything from a basic Android phone/tablet to even a top of the line barn-burner.
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2014-11-03 01:21:53

One of the most versatile projects, in terms of support for nearly every platform imaginable. I will miss having SIMAP as a reliable provider of work for my PowerPC Macs.
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