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2014-12-10 17:12:32

I'm sorry to see a veteran project like ABC@home go dead. It's been pregnant with inactivity for nine months now; no work nor any information whatsoever from those running it:

Should it be retired preemptively?

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2014-12-21 10:11:13

One waits months for an update then get this on their home page:

17 Dec 2014
ABC@home will be down for a few hours (at least) while we migrate to a new machine/setup.
Cruncher Pete
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2015-03-25 03:54:06

ABC@Home Project has been removed from the Project_Lists of verified or known projects by DA. See <url=>Project_lists</url. It has not exported stats for 296 days. Last remark by Admin was over three months ago. Alysia's the last known Admin's email address is no longer active. Project is dead. If it comes live again, it will be reinstated on request.
Tuna Ertemalp
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2015-04-25 07:25:33

Willy retired it just now.
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