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2009-07-07 15:07:03

I have spend a few hours trying to find this in various places but without any luck. This optimization forums eemed like a good place to ask this question, even though the answer is really about standard project applications.

The netbook I am using shows that it is much faster at Integer than floating point calculations (the usual situation I know). So I was wanting to find out what projects might be better than others at getting more science work (and credits) done.

So far I have been switching between SETI@Home and World Community Grid and Malariacontrol, but to try and work out which is best suited to the Atom n270 is beyond me. Any help or advice appreciated.

benchmarks from a Eee PC netbook (running Win-XP with 1gb ram) =
06/07/2009 21:52:39 Benchmark results:
06/07/2009 21:52:39 Number of CPUs: 2
06/07/2009 21:52:39 641 floating point MIPS (Whetstone) per CPU
06/07/2009 21:52:39 1602 integer MIPS (Dhrystone) per CPU
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