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2015-04-11 16:08:25

I have a HTC One M7 and want to use HTC Power To Give.I am connected to the different projects.But when my phone reaches the state that it can receive tasks it doesn't.I tried to set the minimum space,as I read,to 0.01 but still no tasks.I also made an account on this website for the several projects(rosetta and gpugrid).Someone has an idea what I can test or set to make HTC Power To Give to work?
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2015-04-11 18:39:09
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Check the BOINC Run Time Settings (When BOINC can run: Always, Based on Preferences, Snooze, Never).
Most BOINC Android Versions on default install are set to run "Based on Preferences" and that is the setting you need to adjust.
You can temporarily override it to Always Run to see if you can get work from the projects you attached to.

Right now I know that SETI, SETI Beta and Asteroids HAVE NO WORK AVAILABLE for ANY PLATFORMS due to SERVER problems...
Rosetta and RALPH (aka: Rosetta Beta) rarely have work for Android - These two projects are trying to get some big bugs fixed, but do not have the resources to do so at this time.
I know that Einstein, Enigma and Collatz have Android work almost all the time.

For a fairly comprehensive list of BOINC Android projects go to WUProp@home - Results web site, Select Android as the OS from the Left-hand slide-out menu.

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