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2005-05-12 11:54:43

@baffled: Some of us do it to contribute to science, not for the statistics. I look at the stats but I really don't care if they aren't up to date.

2005-05-12 12:08:36

I care abaout stats, cause it`s the fun about SAH

2005-05-12 12:12:53

I too, I like the stats, it's the funnest part!

2005-05-12 12:22:06

Crunch all you want without stats. Personally I'll just move my pharm to a different project, like Einstein. You want my CPU cycles and donated electricity? Then don't leave me without stats for THREE DAYS...

2005-05-12 12:27:03

@baffled: true

2005-05-12 12:46:07

I'm interested in my stats, but i don't panic if they are missing for a day or so. I know they will catch up.
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2005-05-12 13:31:38


2005-05-12 13:47:59

I thought this was google search...I never did understand all the blue bars and graphs. I also thought google sucked...only results I got were about distributed computing.

2005-05-12 14:05:40

I hope they catch up the stats! But it's also true that it's not the end of the world if they won't! eheheh

2005-05-12 14:25:17

does anyone know how to get that little boinc stats graphic when you post a msg ?

2005-05-12 14:32:28

@Kel: When Checking your BOINC stats (not your project stats), click on the graph icon to take you to the details. There you will find a "URL for signature graphic". You can also check this forum thread...

2005-05-12 16:45:50

How many more ays are we gonna 'flat line' for. If we woz on life support... we would all be deaded by now.

2005-05-12 16:58:52

I can't breathe lmao...
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2005-05-12 17:23:20

I can't believe the impatience. 3 days. Oh, the horrors. It's not like they won't fix it eventually. Chances are they are fixing something more important, like the actual SCIENCE. You remember that this is what these projects are about, right?

2005-05-12 17:30:44

Hey Chaps. yer gettin' um, yer crunchin' um and yer sendin um back. Be happy with what you have got. It could be worse.

2005-05-12 17:33:37

People if you dont have enough work to do by now...You should have increased your work load before...We all know that this happens. I have a 3 day, 5 day and 6 day queque on most of my comps. I hope next time everyone will be prepared.

2005-05-12 17:35:31 are still able to download and upload....(; So whats the Prob? Lets just keep crunching and everything will be alright.

2005-05-12 17:36:00

but.... but... me likes seeing me go up the ladder. I don't wanna be stuck on the same rung for the rest of Eternity. And... if you say 'you wont'... how do you KNOW that!

2005-05-12 17:39:38

and... I had nice smooth wavey line things on my graphs. and... and... now its all gone bleeehhh and taken a nose dive or gone flat.

2005-05-12 17:51:50

how do u login to your account?

2005-05-12 18:01:26

@ziggie: any chance that your a bit stressed out.

2005-05-12 18:02:10

can someone give me the link, i cant find it!

2005-05-12 18:10:32

@octagon: LOL quite the opposite. It's just I still have a sense of fun and like to see what (little) achievement I am making.

2005-05-12 19:27:29

@ziggie: From a bigger picture of achievement... I posted on the S@H boards to see if they're going to update the signal canidate site soon. Doesn't look like it. Where's the achievement there? I do like watching the stats though! :-)

2005-05-12 21:15:17

@all new SAH stat are coming available at BOINC
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