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2005-06-16 03:14:55

Or, you could just let the client run until it has evened things out, have a beer, and spend more time with your Playstation.

2005-06-16 03:14:56

Yeah, it can seem to get jammed up, but what it really does is aim for the long term. So, if there is negative debt, it doesn't grab work for that project until the debt gets closer to zero, giving the other projects time to catch up and get some of their own work done. It does work, but it's kind of counter-intuitive, and not obvious over the short term.

2005-06-16 07:47:13

Where'd Predictor go?

2005-06-16 07:47:42

(the web site is giving me an operation timed out)

2005-06-16 10:40:55

it's offline, just see it's status in schedulers above the shoutbox

2005-06-16 10:41:25

To all 4.45 haters: I just LOVE it! It's stable, respects deadlines, respects project shares, it just requires a bit of patience for the first week and a connect setting of about 0.125-0.5 days.

2005-06-16 10:42:38

Yeah: 4.45 works fine also at my place

2005-06-16 11:42:31

Connect setting of 0.00001 causes boinc to request 1 second of work

2005-06-16 11:43:56

4.45 took me a while to get the picture. Now one of three machines leveled out and is nicely distributing work. Others are catching up (still a month to go)

2005-06-16 11:43:56

However a setting of zero doesn't download anything, I tried and overnight processed everything except climate, then crunched climate for 10 hours.

2005-06-16 17:10:33

Oops...I guess I failed to read the 4.45 "install and wait a few weeks" memo, so when it wasn't downloading any WUs from Pred/Ein/SETI, I just assumed something was wrong. Just noticed that my other 10 boxes with 4.45 on them have evidently reached the magic third week and have started downloading WUs. I'll go back and reinstall 4.45 on all the 4.19 machines and be more patient this time. Thanks for all the feedback.
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2005-06-16 18:02:15

Warning for CPDN-users: see

2005-06-17 08:57:05

Is it possible to put the news from berkeley among the news from the projects?

2005-06-17 08:58:50

@Osk: Isn't SETI&Home Berkeley??

2005-06-17 10:25:44

I meant from the boinc CC page

2005-06-17 14:09:57

thought S@H was going to install an 8CPU machine somewhere along the line. Did it get lost or is it just me ?

2005-06-17 20:35:53

I think that 8cpu is one that is going to be retired out of Classic. It'll get there, just takes time

2005-06-18 01:57:15

the time download thing only matters for work cache, doesn't affect WU size

2005-06-18 15:34:17

orbit@home open beta now!

2005-06-18 17:25:32

Actually, it is Alpha...

2005-06-18 20:05:47

What's the website for orbit@home?

2005-06-18 20:13:01

2005-06-18 20:18:10

Please don't post URLs of "secret" projects yet

2005-06-18 20:33:56

... Orbit isn't secret.. it's alpha, which means it will explode in your face and you will lose your credits a couple times, but it's open to anyone who is interested...
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2005-06-18 20:48:14

As far as I know, Orbit isn't making a secret of their project. In fact, they want to get a 1000 testers a.s.a.p..
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