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[BOINCstats] Willy
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2007-06-19 18:08:17

For my work I have been working with Vista since way before the release. Still working with it since nothing seems to want to work correctly on what is now known as Windows Millennium second edition.

So, I'm beginning to resent it more and more, and yesterday a very nice drawing was shown on a Dutch news site. I thought I couldn't keep it from you so I did my best on translating it, here it is:

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2007-06-20 12:40:16


I've been using Vista day to day for 2 weeks now. And I used it off and on for a couple weeks before that.

The eye candy I can leave. UAC is driving me nuts. I should turn it off.

I need to Google a bit but I miss the option in XP when you would right click to "run as" so I could run a second instance of a program.

It took me quite a while to figure out that to do a bunch of stuff off the command line you had to run it as an administrator. I had even logged into the account with administrator privileges and it still wouldn't let me do an ipconfig /release /renew cycle.

The only software I had problems with was BlogDesk and that was an easy fix. Just a download from MS's site to replace something that they eliminated as they decided it was a security risk. But I'm blanking out on what that something is.

Barbud [USA]
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2007-06-20 19:45:27

Now that your using Vista try this sidebar gadget: Link
I use it to point to my BS sig. About every 5-10 minutes it goes online and updates the sig and shows it on your sidebar. That way you can always know where your stats are and when BS has updated them. If you play with it a little you can size to only show the information that you want.
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2007-06-21 11:34:32

The side bar was one of the first things that got turned off.

I used to use the Yahoo! widget engine under XP and it runs fine under Vista. For my stats (yes, I'm addicted) I use Neil Munday's Yahoo! widget.
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