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2009-01-13 18:59:22

This is a touch late perhaps, but for those who can access the "Listen-Again" feature on BBC (radio) transmissions in the UK (or can do a work-around to get them) there was a feature last week on Radio 4 by a school friend & contemporary titled "Obama: Professor President" examining his academic career and influences and interviewing some of those students and academics he encountered.

click here for BBC Radio 4 then look under "O" in the AtoZ lister again index:

The speaker is Professsor Kwame Anthony Appiah, philosopher at Yale University so from a personal point of view I'm as interested in him as the subject. With a mixed heritage as interesting as Obama's, Appiah's maternal grandfather was the Finance Minister (i.e. Chancellor of Exchequer) in the 'austerity' post-WW2 UK government who was deemed to be very much a 'dry stick'; while his late father, a lawyer, was in the post-independence Ghanian government and after periods out of favour a diplomoat in later life.

After his Cambridge-UK doctorate Appiah moved to the US where he has taught in Dukes, Cornell, Harvard and Yale and taken US nationality; he has written extensively on identity and the philosophy of culture. "Listen-Again" expires after 7 days for most programmes though a few history and science radio features remain in an available archive. I've kept an audio copy for my personal use.

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2009-01-13 21:09:13

Thanks for the link!

I ended up finding a great reading on the Knights Templar. Thats something that REALLY fascinates me.
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2009-04-29 04:26:08
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